School Staff


Senior Leadership Team :

Headteacher : Dr Llinos Jones

Deputy Headteacher : Mr Euryn Madoc-Jones

Assistant Headteachers :
Ms Zelda Williams and Mr Jonathan Thomas

Senior Teacher : Mrs Rhian Carruthers


Heads of Year

Year 7 : Mrs Rhiannon Hammond-Pugsley
Year 8 : Mrs Luned Davies
Year 9 : Mrs Eirlys Thomas
Year 10/11 : Mr Gareth Jones and Mrs Kathryn Richards
Year 12 and 13 : Mr Tim Hayes and Mrs Lowri Davies



Teaching Staff

The Art Department
Mrs Kathryn Richards (Head of Department) 
Teacher : Mr Wyn Mainwaring

The Business Studies Department
Mrs Rhian Bowen (Head of Department) 

The Design and Technology Department
Mr Rhys Roberts (Head of Department) 
Teachers : Mr Steffan Davies, Mr Alun Davies (Building) 
and  Mrs Non Knott (Food Technology)

The Drama Department
Mrs Lowri Davies (Head of Department) 
Teachers :  Mrs Meinir Jones-Davies

The English Department
Mrs Llinos Mary Jones (Head of Department)
Teachers : Miss Zelda Williams, Mrs Kathy Davies,
Mrs Judith Al-Rawasik, Miss Rhian Evans
and Miss Hannah McAvoy

The Extra Lesson Support Department
Mrs Caroline Walton (Head of Department) 

The Health and Social Care Department
Miss Leony Hall (Head of Department) 

The Humanities Department
Mrs Gwenan Morgans (Head of Religious Studies),
Mr Alun Thomas (Head of Geography),
Dr Huw Griffiths (Head of History),
Mrs Bethan Jenkins, Mrs Tracy Jenkins, 
Mr Owen Rhys, Mr Gareth Jones 
and Mrs Alwen Owen

The Information Technology Department
Mr Mark Morris (Head of Department) 

 The Modern Languages Department
Mr Gwyn Jones (Head of Department)
Teachers :  Mrs Gill Herbert Evans and Miss Jane Cato

The Mathematics Department
Mrs Rhian Carruthers (Head of Department) 
Teachers : Mr Aled Williams, Mrs Luned Davies,
Mrs Nia Wyn Eynon,
Miss Lowri Rees
and Miss Sian Davies

The Music Department
Mrs Meinir Richards (Head of Department) 
Teacher : Mrs Nia Evans

The Psychology Department
Mr Rhys Jones (Head of Department) 

The Science Department
Mrs Rhian Williams (Head of Chemistry),
Mrs Joanna Rees (Head of Biology),
 Mr Gari Thomas (Head of Physics),
 Miss Lisa James, Miss Catrin Pritchard, 
Mr Tim Hayes, Mr Rhys Jones, Miss Leony Hall, 
and Mr James Henshaw

The Sports and Physical Education Department
Mr John Norgrove (Head of Department) 
Teachers : Mrs Nerys Blue, Mr Adrian Williams 
and Mr Aled Griffiths (Rugby Officer)

The Welsh Department
 Miss Helen Evans (Head of Department)
Teachers : Mrs Rhiannon Hammond-Pugsley, 
Mrs Eirlys Thomas, Mrs Alma Roberts
and Mrs Ffion Page

KS5 BAC Coordinator : Miss Jane Cato

KS4 BAC Coordinator : Mr Owen Rhys



Support Staff

Information Technology Networks Manager :
 Mr Robert Gibbard

Library Assistant :  
Miss Jocelyn John

Senior Science Technician : 
Mrs Lonwen Bowen
Science Technician :
Mr Gethin Evans

  The Administration Department
  Bursar : Mrs Eleri MacRae
Data Officer and Exams Officer : Mrs Meinir McLellan
Receptionist : Mrs Glesni Davies
Assistant Bursar : Mrs Cathy Jones
Personal Secretary to the SLT : Miss Sian Thomas

Curriculum Assistants :
Mrs Margaret Evans and Mrs Ina Evans

Main Site Caretaker :
Mr Wayne Nicholas

Teaching Assistant / Admin Clerc (Spec. Needs dept + Careers) :
Mr Emyr Beynon

Pupil Welfare and Attendance Assistant :  
Mr Morwen Hughes

  Teaching Assistants
  Mrs Eiri Thomas, Mrs Llinos Griffiths, Mrs Karen Jones, 
Miss Sian John, Mrs Lisa Thomas,  Miss Sian Thomas, 
Miss Katie Topliss, Mr Emyr Beynon, Miss Kelly Jones, 
Mrs Marlene Evans and Mrs Jennifer Walters

Lesson Cover  :
 Mrs Nia Lewis and Mr Adrian Williams  


School Governors


Careers Officer : Mr John Selby

School Careers Coordinator : Mr Gareth Jones

Urdd Officer : Mrs Nia Lewis

Marketing Officer : Mrs Gwenan Morgans

Youth Officer : Miss Catrin Griffiths

Canteen Manager : Mrs Judith Rice